LAHS Team Building and Professional Development

The Los Alamos High School Professional Development Task Force is continually working on ways to increase the quality of the professional development offered and creative ways to improve our school climate here at LAHS. There are a number of wonderful things that our staff members do to support each other during the work day. In addition, many staff members are always looking for opportunities to enjoy each other’s company outside the school day. The PD-TF is putting together a calendar of events to help you stay informed of the fun and creative things our staff are doing.

This year’s staff meetings will have themes. If you dress up to reflect the staff meeting theme, your name will be entered into a drawing for prizes at that staff meeting. Like last year, food will be provided at the staff meeting. The snacks will go along with that staff meeting theme. If you have any ideas on what could be served, please contact Michael Montano.

The professional development offered here at LAHS will be ongoing throughout the year. Our goal is to offer short training sessions that will give our staff the skills to master all of the new systems, programs and technology were are expected to use. We are also looking at ways to provide time and opportunities for colleagues to collaborate. It is our goal to create a new LAHS PD-TF website that will be an easy way to get and share information.

These activities are all intended to be informal and give our staff, who share common interests, opportunities to hangout and get to know each other better. We are looking for someone to be the contact person for each of the activities. If you would like to be that person, please contact Michael Montano and he will add you to the list. If you have an idea for an activity or event that is not listed, and would be willing to be the contact person please let us know.