briToday I attended a workshop hosted by the Bill of Rights Institution. The topic of the workshop was Heroes and Villains: The Quest for Civic Virtue.  Although the workshop was centered on Social Studies classes the content of the workshop could easily be incorporated into Language Arts classes. The material could also be used to create or improve a Character Counts program.

These were some of the things discussed during the workshop:

hvbriFounding Father 5 Virtues

  • Self-restraint
  • Public Service
  • Civility
  • Respect of the Rule of Law (treat people equally under the rule of law – mobs don’t like rule of law)
  • Responsibility

What is Virtue? How is it different than morality?

  • Virtue is a function and is seen as a positive and results in actions
  • Morality is based on a set of beliefs that might appear to be limiting and judgmental
  • Virtues are things that we cultivate an can be use to improve ones self or a community

Here is a link to the Bill of Rights Institute.

If you have any questions about the workshop or the Bill of Rights Institute, please let me know. I have attended a number of workshops and they have all been great. They are usually offered once or twice a year in Albuquerque.