lateworkThank you all for taking time out of your busy day and crazy week to come and share with each other your ideas on how to deal with Late Work.

It was interesting to see all the different approaches and reasonings of how we deal with work turned in past the due date. Some of us take 50% off while others gave 100%. Some of us had a hard cut off number of days we would accept it that ranged from a couple of days, to Saturday School, to the end of the Quarter or until the end of the semester.

dlatsWhat was obvious in the discussion is that all our late work policies were given a great deal of thought with regards to what we wanted it to reflect. Some policies were established to give students a sense of hope, while others were intended to reflect how late work would be dealt with in college. These differences might be reflected in the type of students in class. How students respond to a lower grade varies as much as our policies. In addition, it seemed like we have all wrestled with our own policies at times.

A few of you asked me to send you some more information on how my late card works so I am including what my policy is with this email. I am also attaching the template I use to create the cards. The template is set up to be used with AVERY Business Cards #8371

Next weeks Fiesta will be Thursday and the topic will be “Best Time Saving Strategies”. If you are interested in having me create an account for you to be able to post comments on the LAHS PLC website, let me know. I think this would be a great way to continue these conversation beyond our limited time during lunch.

Late Work Card

It is clearly understood that we all have extremely busy schedules and
there may be times when we cannot turn in work by its due date. The
late work cards are intended to ease the stress when something
unexpected occurs, thus preventing you from turning in a homework
assignment or project on time. You will be given a Late Work Card at
the beginning of the semester. This card will allow you to turn in an
assignment, with no penalty, from one to three days late (not blocks).
You must have a total number of days left on the card to cover the
number of days the assignment is late. The Big Break is for a one time
no limit to days late assignment. To use the late work card you must
present the assignment and card to Mr. Montaño in person and have its
use approved. It is Your RESPONSIBILITY to keep track of the card
because no replacements will be given. Cards not used over the course
of the semester will be credited towards extra credit for the semester
on the semester exam.  The last day to use the Late Card and Big Break
is the second to last Friday before Final Exam week.