Enter Assignments for All Classes on the Same Page.

Tired of going between classes to enter grades for the same assignment? You can have all our students displayed on one page for the same assignment.


  1. Open PowerTeacher Pro
  2. Click on Assignments
  3. Pick Assignment your want to enter grades.
  4. Click on the blue tab where the class name is listed.
  5. A new sub-window opens where you can click on "Group". Here you can pick the classes you want to be displayed.
  6. You will now have all the students form the classes you picked displayed. No need to go between pages anymore.

submitted by: Michael Montaño

How to Edit Assignments

When you click on as assignment, there is only that column displayed. What's nice is that in the upper right, you can click on "edit assignment" and scoot right to the assignment list. this is super handy when you forget to put the correct amount of points possible! i.e. the total points is too long for those earning extra credit. (Judy N.)

Why do I have students showing up on my grade sheets who are not showing up on my attendance?

Answer: Kathy, are they enrolled in second semester? Denise sent around an email today detailing how to change this. You can go down to Settings, then Display and then click “Hide Pre-registered Students” (Ali)

If I want to email the parents of an entire class, can I do this?

Answer: The 1.0 version of PTP does not include email options. They are aware that this is a gap, but there is not prediction to when this option will be available. (Michael)

My gradebook is currently set to show six columns (six assignments) on the Scoresheet mode. I can change it to show more columns, but only temporarily. When I click out of it and go back into it, it defaults back to six columns again. Do you know of a way I can set it to display more columns permanently?

Answer: Have you tried going to settings (the little gear in the top right) on the scoresheet and clicked “Show Filter”? I’m not sure if it permanently changes it, but there are options for what time frame of columns you want to see. (Ali)

How do we enter extra credit points in an assignment?

Answer: Click on the assignment and then look for the link on the upper right hand corner that says “Edit Assignment” - about five lines down it says Score - Extra Points - +Weight. You can click on the extra points and then add how many additional points are possible for that assignment. (Michael)

Can our admin create a PowerTeacherPro tab that is available from the first screen so we don’t have to search for it by clicking on the calendar icon? It would save a step.

Answer: Not yet. Powerschool has restricted it to ensure that teachers take attendance first. The best way to resolve this would be to appeal to the powers that be. (J. Frost)