You Rock Recipients

You Rock…Eva Pacheco! 5-18-18

The You Rock Award goes to Eva Pacheco, our awesome front desk manager! Eva is the first person that our visitors meet when they arrive on campus and she is kind and courteous to all in the midst of managing a very busy front desk. She’s always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to students and staff. She’s a calming presence during the tough times. Eva, thank you for all that you do to hold us together!

Margo Batha

Margo Batha — YOU ROCK!! 5-4-18

I am passing off the YOU ROCK award to Margo Batha.  Margo not only rocks the teaching world, she has also been my rock this year, as this has been the most difficult year of my life.  Without Margo’s support, I do not think I would have been able to return to my beloved Humanities class and continue through this academic year successfully.

Michelle Holland

Kudos to our Michelle Holland! 4-30-18

“Keep on rocking girl!”




You rock Ildiko! 4-30-18

Idiko expects a lot from her students, and she gives them plenty of care support to get it done. And don’t forget her work on Pegasus.

Barbara Barker


You Rock Barbara 4-29-18

Barbara is always smiling.  She takes care of the book depostory, recieves packages,  and works in another department.  Thanks for all the work you do to help staff.



You Rock Award goes to: Virginia Kachelmeier 4-9-18

The You Rock Award goes to: Virginia… for her patience, calm, and loving attitude towards everyone.  Best Hug giver also! Xerox Issues in E wing? You need to order Office Supplies?  Virginia is the go to gal!

ELOY, YOU ROCK! 3-13-18

The You Rock Award goes to Eloy for his patience, calm, and sense of humor. Technical crisis? No worries because no emergency is too large or too small: Eloy saves the day! And ingenuity? He is an indispensable resource for accomplishing all technological wizardry necessary for teaching and management.  Thanks, Eloy, for rockin’ LAHS every day! 

Shannon Seitz

YOU ROCK” award travels on to…… 1-28-18

Shannon Seitz! Shannon is such a caring helper. I often see her before a computer screen helping a student. She keeps xerox machines in fine form. And most important to me – she is always willing to help out in the TBC when needed. Shannon,You Rock!

Barbara Baker


Michele Poulton YOU ROCK! 1-17-18

Michele always has a kind word and smile. She is such a great and patient teacher. Her caring demeanor lights our hallway and her classroom! Michele you ROCK!!!!!

Robin Ladino

Robin Ladino, you are a Rock Star! 1-10-18

Robyn is such a bright spark of positive energy. She is always kind and genuinely interested in people. I look forward to her smiling face whenever she breezes through the office.

Susan Seglar

I am passing on the “You Rock” statue to Colleen Swavely 11-20

Colleen recognizes a broken system and takes on the task of getting to the bottom of it. She has been a huge help to us in fixing some major issues in the FACS Kitchen and I know that she has done the same in many other areas of our school. Her perseverance is amazing and she does it all with patience and tact. LAHS is a better place to work because of her. You totally Rock, Colleen!

Kristen Pyle

Becca Jones and her ProStart crew ROCK! 10-26

They rocked with Wednesday’s breakfast and lunch.  They’ve also catered several other luncheons and events this year, and it’s only October!  Becca has reinvigorated the ProStart program and students’ interest in pursuing culinary as a career.  Hats off on a job well done!

Connie Goettee


Connie Goettee 10-19
She has been working non-stop getting everything ready for PSAT and Senior conferences next week.  On top of setting all that up, she is continuing to set up college visits, meet with students about their futures, and teaching me how to help the SpEd kids get their testing accommodations. You Rock Connie!!!

Jennifer Kieltyka


Jennifer Kieltyka 10-13

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Jennifer Kieltyka!

Jennifer has gone over and beyond in assisting me with my role of PSP. I took on the role of running PSP until the position was filled. She has been right by my side through it all. I’ve asked a million questions and there was Jennifer to save the day!  On top of helping me and my million questions, she continues her responsibilities of Dean of Students/Special Ed contact.

It is for these reasons that I give the YOU ROCK award to JENNIFER KIELTYKA!!

 Kristin Chavez


Kristen Chavez 10-4

For several years now, I have had the pleasure of working along side Kristen Chavez and have come to know her as an admirable colleague (and a supportive friend).

So I would like to give her a kudos shout out!

Not many people know what Kristen does behind the scenes for the students of the Positive Support Program EVERY day —– She works diligently to make sure the students have a structured, nurturing, and safe environment in which to work on assignments, socialize and, when necessary, to regroup. Additionally, at the beginning of the year Kristen stepped up to the plate to act as the PSP teacher when the position was not filled. Because of her, the students started this year off feeling supported and cared for.

It is for these reasons that I give the YOU ROCK award to Kristen Chavez!!!

Rachel Smale

Rachel Smale 9-27

I have had the opportunity to work in Rachel Smale’s classroom many times over the past few years. Her organizational skill, work ethic and attention to detail are legendary. She is also a generous and enthusiastic staff member and colleague. It is for these reasons that I have selected her to receive the YOU ROCK Award.
Ms. Smale, YOU ROCK! (James Steritz)


Jim Steritz 9- 8

This week I am passing on the “You Rock award to Jim Steritz. Jim has always inspired me by his hard work, positive confident attitude,and his willingness to help others. Some days Jim wears four hats, Teacher, I.A., Bus Driver and Clock Operator. Jim never misses.a chance to teach.So with that being said, I say “You Rock” Mr. Jim Steritz.




I just passed on the “You Rock” award to Robbie!

I don’t often think of myself as a damsel in distress, but Robbie was certainly my Knight in Shining Armor yesterday when he stepped in and changed my tire for me after school.   This is only one of the many great things that I’ve seen Robbie do since he’s been back.  He’s amazing with the students and always has a smile for everyone he encounters!  He certainly lights up the halls!

Robbie – it is sooooooo great that you are back here at LAHS.  We are lucky to have you here and YOU ROCK!!

Debbie Grothus


Debbie Grothus 8-30

I passed along the ‘You Rock’ award to our Debbie Grothus, who did so much work (ON ONLY THE THIRD DAY OF FRIGGIN’ SCHOOL!…not like she wasn’t busy enough!) to allow us all to enjoy the eclipse.  Hundreds of Toppers got to better see the event thanks to her, and even the solar system cooperated to give us a short viewing time.

Debbie is certainly part of what makes this school rock!

Jon Lathrop


Jon Lathrop 8-21

Lathrop and Link Crew made life in E-Wing a whole lot easier!  Last week the freshmen mostly knew where to go, how to get into their lockers, AND seemed less nervous than they have in years past.  Thank you!!!!

Katie Nelson


Katie Nelson – 8-16

I would like to acknowledge Katie Nelson as the second recipient of the “You Rock Award”.  Katie’s sensitivity and kind demeanor help freshmen make a smooth transition into high school.  She is patient and provides her students with many opportunitiesfor success in her classroom.  What impresses me the most about Katie is her cheerful, upbeat attitude towards staff and students. I have never seen her without a smile on her face, and she goes out of her way to say kind words to everyone she comes in contact with.  Quietly, in E-Wing, she works extremely hard to make a positive impact on student learning at LAHS and TFA.

Katie, thank you for being so wonderful to the students!


Nikol Strohher 8-11

Nikol Strohher is the first recipient of the “You Rock” award. After visiting her room the first we returned back to school, I was impressed with all her hard work putting together a digital classroom. Nikol had already created a Google classroom for all her students to use this year. She is taking the challenges of being teacher in the digital age much like she takes on a race with focus and determination.

“You Rock Nikol”,

Renee Dunwoody